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Pro Starfire™
PYD New Disc Stability Rating : + 0.4
PYD Experienced Disc Stability Rating : - 1.8

(Max weight 175 grams)
Skill Level : Intermediate - Advanced
*Class : Distance Driver
Purpose : Maximum distance, tailwinds
Our Description : Great for players of all skill levels who want to maximize their distance. The Starfire holds a great line and has a nice tail-end fade. Hard to compare to other discs - it's one of the fastest, farthest-flying discs we've ever thrown... just don't hit any trees.

Manufacturer Description :The Pro Starfire is a fast, dependable disc with a long straight flight and excellent glide. This disc is can add measurable distance to your drives. With its quickness, slight high-speed turn, long glide and low fade, the Pro Starfire will fly a long way. Also known as the SL.
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