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Pro Orc™
PYD New Disc Stability Rating : + 0.8
PYD Experienced Disc Stability Rating : - 1.0

(Max weight 175 grams)
Skill Level : Intermediate - Advanced
*Class : Distance Driver
Purpose : Maximum distance, accuracy, tailwinds
Our Description : Our impression is that the Orc is a mellow version of the Banshee. Great for side-arms, a little more flippy and ridiculously fast. Probably one of the farthest-flying discs in the world and now available in Innova's Pro-Line plastic.

Manufacturer Description :The Orc is Innova's most popular, straight-flying distance driver. It combines speed with accuracy for very long-range, predictable flights. Great for straight-ahead power shots and long hyzer shots. Suitable for powerful throwers, but still manageable by beginners in lighter weights.
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