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Firm Warlock ™
PYD New Disc Stability Rating : + 2.2
PYD Experienced Disc Stability Rating : + 1.2

(Max weight 175 grams)
Skill Level : All Skill Levels
*Class : Putt and Approach
Purpose : Putt and Approach
Our Description : We're not sure about the other reviews we've read, but the Warlock is one of the most over-stable putters on the market... more than the wizard! We can't think of a better putter for an over-aggressive (maybe even dangerous) player. Fast, stable, feels great, tacky and did we mention stable? If you choose this putter, DON'T WIMP IT... RIP IT - Just don't miss. The Warlock is an instant PYD favorite.

Manufacturer Description : The Gateway Warlock, one of our newest additions, is the same disc as the Wizard but without the signature bead. As a result, the Warlock is dead-straight stable out of the box and behaves like a broken-in Wizard, and has a later low-speed fade when thrown hard. A great putter to complement your Wizard. Need something more overstable? Try the Wizard.
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